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Surfing as a way to improve physical fitness

As we have approached an era that has technology on its side, we can well realize the amount of pressure kids have to handle in order to prepare themselves for a career. They are often bogged down with studies and the stress takes a toll on their health. They do not get time to play games, which would have been a good remedy for this. There is no replacement for physical exercise in these matters, and ocean experience surf camps can be a good and wise choice in this. In these camps, kids are instructed scientifically how to surf safely, and thus instills confidence in them while staving off their fears. As there are a lot of kids who come to learn this sport, there is a lot of scope for these yound lads to mix amongst themselves and thus learn the values of friendship. The parents can put their confidence on the trainers because all of them are CPR certified and are experts in water rescue and ocean safety. The parents can enroll their kids in half-day or full day camps according to the time they would be able to spare, so it is very convenient from that aspect too.

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What does the child learn?

It should be kept in mind that this sport is not just another game, because children learn a lot of things from this single workshop. Let us have a look at them:

  • The children learn body surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, oceanography and marine science, stand up paddle boarding, surfing etiquettes, among other things.
  • They have experts as guest speakers who encourage the kids. They give away awards to emphasize and applaud their efforts. There is a Friday BBQ for them and funky t-shirts are also provided to them to go with this vibrant game.
  • The ocean experience surf camps arrange repair workshops for the kids so that they learn how to mend their surf boards themselves if they need it.

Thus it can be seen that these workshops are a complete package, and prepares the kid better for life. These camps are perfect for rejuvenating the kids for their hectic weekdays at school.


Doubtlessly, important question. The ocean experience surf camps come with two types of packages, depending on the time they spend at the camp. These are:

  • The full day session is all about rigorous exercise while surfing and of course having a lot of fun. You can let your kid go for this if he is on a vacation, and this is then a perfect pastime that is useful. This would cost you around $395, and the trainers would help the kid learn to love the water, which is the stepping stone to becoming a good surfer.
  • Then there are the half day camps which are perfect for your kid if this is a co-curricular activity he would like to pursue. This wold cost you around $250, and the trained professionals would introduce your child to skateboarding.