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How to Get Big Boobs like the Models You See on Screen

You might have the catwalk of many big busted models on screen and wondered how to get big boobs like them. Well, there is no magic in what they have done and continue to do. Most of them prefer to go natural all the way since they don’t want to lose what they have gained. They depend on methods which include natural supplements, regular exercises, herbal massages and of course the ever powerful foods they eat. By making a few changes to these methods they have been able to experience evolutionary changes in their boob size and beauty factors. Now none of them ask how to get big boobs, for they have already mastered the techniques.

how to get big boobs The supplement pills you consume should be natural and contain herbal ingredients like fenugreek, Dong quai, kelp, watercress, Dandelion, blessed thistle and fennel. Make sure you follow the dosage as prescribed on the product label. If you have any medical condition you need to consult your doctor and take her advice.

How to Get Big Boobs through Foods

  • Whole grains of wheat, rice and barley contain rich supplies of fiber, vitamins, minerals and gluten free nutrients. You can opt for whole bread, pasta or flat bread (made of wheat in the Indian style). If you don’t find time to make all these preparations, you can find the powder extracts from these grains which can be used for making a thick soup. Add veggies like boiled and crushed beets, carrot, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Add a few mint leaves and salt to taste. You can make it as the dish for your breakfast.
  • Fruits like apple, peaches, strawberry and papaya can be helpful in supplying loads of vitamins to the tissues within your boobs. You may also add these fruits to the grain soup recipe given above. Drinking one cup of pomegranate with Aloe Vera extract can help in the elimination of toxic byproducts of fat and cholesterol in the chest region. This helps in free blood flow into the boobs. This is one method on how to get big boobs.
  • Garlic and Soy beans help in increasing the temperature levels in the estrogen producing glands. As a result the production of good estrogen increases. They also take care of the quality and health levels of the growth hormones which get filtered into the boobs. Then the growth and expansion of your boobs is an inevitable process which your body simply can’t avoid.
  • The foods you eat get converted by the ingredients of the supplement pills and the exercise you perform. Hence the balance of veggie, meat and sea foods is highly essential. The omega group of fatty acids in the sea foods and fish oil can be highly helpful in enhancing the beauty of the boobs as they grow in size.

How to Get Big Boobs through Physical Workouts

how to get big boobsPhysical workouts with dumbbells, weights, skipping, swimming and barbell can be extremely helpful in shaping the strength, size and volume of your boobs. By performing them regularly you will be able to experience how to get big boobs naturally.