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console commands fallout 4.

If you are a mind, blowing gamer then you know absolutely about the console commands. Wait Wait Wait! Is console commands and cheats are the new words for you? If they are then you missed something interesting. However,do not be disappointed, in this article we are going to tell you about console commands.

The first question come into your mind is that what is console commands and how these are used? By the use of console commands, you will become the champion of the video game. Console commands and cheats provide extra power to your game. Console commands can be added in the console window which can appear on the pc by the help of pressing tilde key (¬) for the American English keypad and grave key (`) for the British language keypad which is situated below the escape (ESC) key and right to the one (1) key in your keyboard and mostly American language keyboard is use. There are also item codes, which can use instead of console commands and you will enter one then one item codes if you want to execute them at the same time.

Now by continue reading of the article, you will able to know about different console commands and item codes.

Pc console commands:

If you want, more power then you use the command name as tgm it enables a god mode that is provide you more power and you can easily harm your opponent. Another command namely tim enables the help mode, which is useful when your health level is running out and you want more health unless you lost the game then this cheat command provide you more health by adding this command on the console windows. Another interesting cheat command is tcai, this command eliminate all the power of your enemy. Just think you are in front of your enemy and your enemy think that he can easily kill you by his powers then you use this command and all the power of your enemy vanishes in the first click is not interesting? Yes, of course, it is very mind-blowing commands. These console commands are just a trailer for you. You will experience many more commands in console commands fallout 4.

Console command items:

There are also many item that you can use instead of console commands. You can use more than one item at a time by putting a semicolon (;) between them. Some of the console commands items are items codes for weapons, item codes for bobblehead, item codes for companion and many more, which you get from fallout 4 item codes.

Console commands fallout 4 provide you an enormous platform where you will polish your skill by using console commands. But wait a minute! If you are not good in using console command then these console commands and cheatsmost,probably damage your game so first made a backup to your game then feel free to use console commands. Good luck!