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Avoid Debt Recovery Delays with Alexander, Miller & Associates

The best part of services from Alexander, Miller & Associates in debt collection is avoiding unnecessary delays. Many of the creditors might hesitate while going to the agencies for the unrealistic fear of having to pay more! When you compare the overheads and delays in trying other approaches, the costs incurred are relatively inexpensive. Moreover you have the enhanced probability of receiving the entire principal with interest and other overheads. When you approach Alexander, Miller & Associates on time, the probable delay in the collection is automatically eliminated. Moreover you will be able to sustain your business relations with your debtors for a long time.

Alexander, Miller & Associates Alexander, Miller & Associates – Reasons for Delay

According to Alexander, Miller & Associates, the approach of the creditors is the first reason for delay in collections. You might wait for your debtors to clear the payments for many years without getting any results. By that time the debtor company might have gone through many changes, including at the management level. When you approach them with your outstanding reports after such a long time, they naturally show signs of doubts about your claim.

  • Accounting Delay: – Even after accepting to verify your claim, their accounting procedures might delay the process for many months. By that time you might have lost your patience with the process and decide to forget about the collections. Moreover lack of communication between the accounting and finance departments in both the companies can lead to further delays.
  • Legal Delay: – By this time you might choose to file lawsuit against your debtors, if you are desperate enough to recover the outstanding balances. The defendant lawyers might bring in IVA and other debtor favorable laws to delay the proceedings further.

Similarly there could be many other legal, accounting and administrative reasons for delaying your debt collection procedures.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Eliminate Delays

The pace of proceedings increases dramatically when you approach Alexander, Miller & Associates. This is due to the kind of infrastructure and the expert team they have. All you need to do is submit the entire books of accounts related to the debt transactions. The agency will take care of the next proceedings.

  • Faster Investigations: – The agency has dedicated investigators who can investigate the entire set of transactions from the earliest pending invoices to the latest ones. They can prepare all the related reports and bring the evidences to the forefront in your favor.

    Alexander, Miller & Associates

  • Friendly Negotiations: – The experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates have the experience of establishing professional, yet friendly negotiations with the debtors. They take pains to explain the invoice wise details to the management and accounting departments in the debtor company. Moreover they can take the help of warehousing, production and other departments to prove the genuine nature of the invoices and reports. By the end of their negotiations they are able to sign the agreement for repayment from the management of your debtors without any hassles. This sort of approach by Alexander, Miller & Associates helps fasten the proceedings.