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Chest Tattoos For women Designs and Ideas | Tattoosbasket

cheast tattoos
Chest tattoo designs are famous in both male and female. When we say chest it covers the neck, shoulder and stomach part of body also. You can say that a complete front area is a part of chest tattoo designs. This area is broad enough for big tattoo designs.

Chest tattoo designs are more famous in men as compare to women. We here have great ideas for chest tattoo designs for both male and female. When we talk about men chest tattoo design, the first thing that comes in our mind is big detailed high definition tattoo designs and this is very much true.

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The most popular technique in chest tattoos are geometrical tattoos, tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, trash polka tattoos and Japanese tattoo designs.


In chest tattoo designs famous quotes are used excessively included. Angel wing tattoo with cross in middle is a wonderful design. “IT IS WHAT IT IS ” tattoo of Louis Tomlinson is an awesome quote tattoo to take inspiration from if you just want to have tattoo on the top part of chest. “Chase Your Dreams” is another upper part inspiring quote for chest tattoo designs. Galaxy 3d design for chest tattoo design is a really pretty unique sight.

The 3d wall surrounding it adds more elements to the design. The three dimensional tattoo designs are almost part of all modern tattoo technique. In the old times only the shading technique was used to create a 3d reflection. In animals’ tiger, lion, wolves are much preferred.

In birds the eagle, dove, owl are famously used. Butterfly, heart, flower in women chest tattoo design. Mandela tattoo and water colour tattoo technique is excellent for chest tattoo designs. In birds little sparrow brings joy to tattoo designs. In flowers Roses, hibiscus and lily are chosen widely by girls for tattoo designs.

Many celebrities have chest tattoo designs. Such as chest tattoo design of David Beckham, harry styles, Louis Tomlinson, Adam Levine, Rihanna, lady gaga. Big chest tattoo designs were part of the tattoo designs from the very origin days. The warriors used to have tattoo design covering their whole chest area. In those days tattoos were much more painful than now.

The big tattoos on chest where consider as the symbol of strength and courage. The tattoos were part of many culture and medicinal technique. Now tattoo are just the beauty symbol there are no boundaries in tattoo designs like the ancient time. In ancient times the symbols were limited. Every tribe has their own symbol so the person related the particular tribe is bound to get the tattoo related to his own tribe. The trash polka tattoo has mixture of abstract and real thing. They are directly meaningful some people may find them a confusing image.

The choices are unlimited in chest tattoo designs. Geometric chest tattoo use geometrical shapes in chest tattoo designs. The tribal tattoos and Celtic tattoos are quite similar. They are both ancient tattoos. The Celtic symbols are included in Celtic Chest tattoos. Most people like to get the mixture of many tattoo techniques because this art is free from any boundaries.