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Exploring the Real Meaning of Charity with Mr Tran Siu

The definition of charity as a social responsibility is taking its roots among the Sunshine communities, thanks to the efforts undertaken by Mr Tran Siu. He firmly believes that any community action performed without a sense of pity can always bring the desired results.  He has been proved right by the changes in attitude towards the disabled, seniors and the youth who were not known to excel academically. He had to put lot of efforts in bringing about these changes from the root levels. Initially he faced resistance in many forms, including those from the communities whom he was trying help. His remarkable levels of patience and persistence helped him in winning the trust of the communities and confidence of the contributors.

Mr Tran SiuCharity Raising Goals of Mr Tran Siu

 Mr Tran Siu has been actively involved in the process of raising charity for improving the living standards of the disabled. Getting the utilities and helping tools like the wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other mobility aids has been one of the goals.

  • Disability among people is said to be more than just physical in nature. People with panic disorders, depression, schizophrenia and cognitive disorders are also considered to be disabled. Tran Siu has been instrumental in getting the aid of psychologists and psychiatrists to help such people in the community for regaining their health and fitness levels. These activities are made possible by the charity funds he raises.
  • Providing computer and internet facilities for the elderly is another charity raising goal for Mr Tran Siu. He has been able to install many advanced computers and internet tools for training them in latest technology platforms. The elders are able to restart their professional and business careers for earning a decent livelihood. Moreover they contribute to the community services by sharing their knowledge and skills which they learnt at the community centres started by Tran Siu.
  • Providing funds for the sports equipment, tools, utilities and accessories is another goal of charity by Mr Tran Siu. Today the youth are exposed to some of the most modern sport training gadgets. They are able to enhance their endurance and skill levels to international standards.

Connecting with Community through Mr Tran Siu

Mr Tran SiuSome of the most innovative contributions of Mr Tran Siu towards community service have been towards empowering every individual from the roots.

  • Understanding the thinking patterns of disabled students helps in moulding the methods for empowering them. Overcoming the resistance to change among them could be one of the toughest tasks. But Tran Siu has been able to establish one to one connectivity with the students of this community at the personal level. They see him as a true friend whom they could trust.
  • Similarly the youth and elders being trained under him have come to appreciate the real purpose of the relentless efforts from Mr Tran Siu.
  • These trust factors have been working miracles in shaping the way in which these communities have changed their lifestyles and thinking patterns. The seeds of social changes brought about by Mr Tran Siu are sprouting into plants and growing to become trees.